" At New Leap , we believe that play is essential for a child's development. With a focus on quality, safety and enviromental consciousness, we strive to offer toys that bring joy while contributing to a better future for all."
- Since 2010 -

- New Arrivals -

Every  few months we recieve a new container from Paris full of new surprises from Djeco's new collections. Here are some of the creations available with our next shipment end of September

- Arts & Crafts -

At Djeco , when we design our collections we work with all sorts of illustrators, established artists and new talent, and we like to express this unique artistic aspect of our toys clearly by using original , sympathetic artwork in what remains a highly- conformist sector. This collaborative process led to a keen desire to share our love of art with children.

- Puzzles -

A collection of puzzles designed for everyone and suitable for all ages: Duo and Progress puzzles for all ages, beautifully Silhoutted boxes to decorate the bedroom, Observation, Gallery  and Puzz Art puzzles for playing and learning, Giant puzzles for a larger than life impact. Always rich and varied illustrations to please all tastes !

- Early Years -

Wooden toys with a timeless appeal for pulling, piling, assembling, always soft and fun to play with so tots can set off to conquer the world in complete safety. A complete range intended to develop the skills and observational capacities of the very young. Great moments of fun and learning on the horizon.

- Board Games -

Classic  games recreated by us! Brand new games to discover! Games that sharpen observervational skills, think without getting board, developememory and stimulate conversatiobn and lots of shared laughter. A range full of surprises for all tastes.

- Card Games -

Djeco card games sharpen observational skills, make you think without realising, develop memory and stimulate conversation and lots of shared laughter!

- Tinyly -

A whole new world of delicate figurines, the Tinyly, these creatures are the imaginative ,quirky brainchild of Virginie Brachet. Little girls aged between 4 abd 9 will be transported into their dream worldn by these sweet little figurines, each of which is iseperable from their cute slightly unusual companion.

- Musical Boxes -

A collectuin of wooden musical boxes to delight young and old alike. Round boxes, where two beautifulanimated figurinesdance and decorated jewellery caskets comprising a styled mirrorreflecting the image of the treasured figurine.

- Umbrellas -

A colourful collection. of illustrated umbrellas to brighten up those rainy day. Ideal for children from 3 years old, for older children and even for mums
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