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Loto animals is a fun educational experience, in Lotto Funny Animals, players take turns to turn over the animal cards in the middle and see if they match your board.

Why we love it:
- Complete the 4 funny animal boards with the 16 puzzles pieces and find out what those funny animals are up to.
- Designed by Ben Newman

How to play

Start by putting all the cards upside down and each player chooses one of the illustrated boards. The first player turns a card over. If the drawing on the card drawn corresponds to one of the images on the board, he puts it on it. If not, he puts it back face down. In turn the next player draws a card and repeats the same process. The winner is the one who has found all the pictures of his deck first.

What's in the box
4 x Boards, 16 x Animal Pieces

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18-36 Months, 3-5 Years

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