Djeco Toddler Games - Little Coopération


A little cooperation game specially designed for little ones aged 2 ½ and over. Up on the ice floe, the 4 little animals are trying to get back to their igloo. To win the game, players must follow the instructions on the dice to help them over the ice bridge before it collapses. If all the animals get home safely, you win the game!

Why we love it...

-  An introduction to cooperative games to teach players to win or lose together.
-  Helps children learn how to cooperate, work as a team and communicate.
-  Pretty animal-shaped figures draw children into the story.
-  Premium materials that are durable and easy for little hands to manage: large die, thick card, soft-touch plastic figures.
-  Simple rules that are easy to understand.
-  Short duration suited to little attention spans.
-  A chance for adults and children to talk and bond.

Contents: 2 “ice floe” boards (start and finish), 1 cardboard bridge, 6 wooden supports, 4 soft-touch plastic figures (Arctic hare, polar bear, Arctic fox, penguin), 1 wooden die. Game rules in 10 languages.

Age : 2,5·5

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