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A roll-and-move board game specially designed for young children aged 2 ½ and over, with a puzzle-style board that’s almost 1.22 metres long. Some adorable little animals are walking along the path. Who will reach the end first? The die has landed on red! The little dog can move forwards to the next red space!

Why we love it...

- An introduction to roll-and-move games for toddlers.
-  Teaches children how to play with a die and recognise colours.
-  Pretty animal-shaped figures draw children into the story.
-  Premium materials that are durable and easy for little hands to manage: large die, thick card, soft-touch plastic figures.
-  Simple rules that are easy to understand.
-  Short duration suited to little attention spans.
-  A chance for adults and children to talk and bond.

Contents: 1 x 6-piece cardboard board to assemble, 4 soft-touch plastic figures (cat, rabbit, dog, cow), 1 wooden die, 15 cardboard tokens. Game rules in 10 languages.

Age : 2,5·5

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