Djeco Toddler Games - Little Balancing


A skills game specially designed for little ones aged 2 ½ and over, with little frogs to balance on the lily pads. Careful they don’t fall in the pond!

why we love it...

-  An introduction to manual play and skills games specially designed for little ones.
-  Helps children develop skills and dexterity.
-  Pretty animal-shaped figures draw children into the story.
-  Premium materials that are durable and easy for little hands to manage: large die, thick card, soft-touch plastic figures.
-  Simple rules that are easy to understand.
-  Short duration suited to little attention spans.
-  A chance for adults and children to talk and bond.

Contents: 1 pond board split into 2 halves, 12 lily pads, 12 wooden platforms, 3 soft-touch plastic frogs, 15 counters. Game rules in 10 languages.

Age : 2,5·5

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