Djeco Magnetic Games - Geobonhomme


A beautiful wooden carry case with 35 magnetic wooden pieces and 20 models for fun recreating all kinds of fun, fantastical people. Open up the case and place the pieces on the metallic surfaces to create characters.

why we love it...

  • Children use the simple coloured geometric shapes to learn to recreate and put together images.
  • Chunky magnetic wooden pieces.
  • Model cards for guidance.
  • Give their imagination free reign as they produce endless different creations.
  • Develops creativity and motor skills.
  • The clasp and handle make it easy to take with you on the go.
  • Perfect for travel and long car journeys.
  • FSC┬« certified wood.

Contents: 1 wooden case + 35 magnetic wooden pieces and 20 model cards.

Age : +4
Width pack : 30 cm
Height pack : 30 cm
Depth pack : 3,7 cm

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