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Sound the alarm! This beautiful game is so much fun. Together, the children must try to put out the fire. Firefighters get into action. However, the road is congested. You need to find a suitable way before it's too late. A great cooperative game to teach players to play, win or lose together, for 2 to 5 players lasting about 15 minutes.

why we love it:

  • The game encourages mutual cooperation, develops logical thinking and is also a bit about luck.
  • A big, funny fire truck to handle.

how to play : The rules of the game are determined by the roll of the dice. With gradual throws, players clear the road and look for a suitable path. After rolling the dice, they must turn the appropriate coloured box (on which the car is in the given colour). On the other side, there is a road that clears the way for firefighters. They can advise what it will be. So that the road is cleared as soon as possible. However, if the fire symbol falls on the cube, the burning flame increases. Players must reach the finish line before they run out of flame tokens.

Contents: 12 "car/open road" cards, 1 fire station, 1 house, 7 "fire" tokens, 1 fire engine, 1 wooden die. Game rules in 10 languages.

Dimensions:  21 x 21 x 5cm

Ages 3 - 10

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