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Djeco’s Mosaico Rigolo is a brilliant, creative and reusable wooden game! Place one of the 8 picture cards onto the wooden base and insert the colourful pegs into the pre-punched holes. Use the base without the cards and design your own mosaic animals, people, vehicles and much more.

Contains a wooden board, 8 picture cards and 203 coloured pegs. Excellent to develop fine motor skills.

Why We Love It...

  • Original: pictures are revealed when all the pegs are in place.
  • In addition to standard pegs, large pegs in fun new shapes are also included to make the end result look even nicer.
  • Includes a handy storage box with compartments for the different-coloured pegs.
  • Also available as a version specially designed for younger children (DJ08140 Primo Mosaïco)
Contents: 1 wooden board, 8 animal boards, 8 templates (4 double-sided cards), 230 coloured pegs.
Age : +4
Width pack : 21,5 cm
Height pack : 21,5 cm
Depth pack : 5 cm

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