Djeco Educational Games - Eduludo Sticks


Djeco Eduludo Sticks is a unique game that introduces concepts of length and proportion through play.

Find the right length of wooden stick to match the outlines on the cards and bring the pictures to life.

Why We Love It...

  • Helps children to learn about measurements and distance.
  • 3 difficulty levels so children can progress at their own pace.
  • Solutions are included so children can correct their own puzzles.
  • Each highly educational Eduludo kit focuses on a specific learning process to help children develop.
  • Highly detailed game rules to help parents set up the activity more easily. In 10 languages.
Contents: 24 challenges with 3 different difficulty levels (12 double-sided cards), 48 wooden pieces in different lengths, 12 double-sided answer cards. Game rules in 10 languages.
Age : 5·10
Width pack : 21,5 cm
Height pack : 21,5 cm
Depth pack : 3,5 cm

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