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A great game from the Eduludo collection for introducing children to addition. If you put 2 ducks in the pond and then add 4 frogs, how many animals are there? To see if the answer is right, all you have to do is check the back of the card.

Why We Love It...

  • Helps children work on numbering and sums between 2 and 10.
  • A manual play game for helping children to understand additions more easily.
  • Solutions are included so children can correct their own puzzles.
  • Each highly educational Eduludo kit focuses on a specific learning process to help children develop.
  • Highly detailed game rules to help parents set up the activity more easily. In 10 languages.

Contents: 1 board, 30 challenge cards with solutions on the back, 40 counters (5 ducks, 9 fish, 4 butterflies, 8 frogs, 4 dragonflies, 2 spiders, 2 birds, 3 bees, 3 flies) and 9 answer cards. Game rules in 10 languages.

Age : 4·8
Width pack : 21,5 cm
Height pack : 21,5 cm
Depth pack : 3 cm

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3-5 Years, 6-8 Years



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