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A fun and simple game from the Eduludo collection for teaching children about spatial relationships, where they must correctly place the figures on the board to reproduce the picture. Where’s the giraffe? Is it in front of the elephant or behind it? To the left or the right? Solutions are provided on the backs of the cards.

Why We Love It...

  • Helps children to understand spatial relationships by positioning elements in relation to others: in front, behind, to the left and to the right.
  • 2 difficulty levels so children can progress at their own pace.
  • Solutions are included so children can correct their own puzzles.
  • Each highly educational Eduludo kit focuses on a specific learning process to help children develop.
  • Highly detailed game rules to help parents set up the activity more easily. In 10 languages.
  • FSC® certified wood.
Contents: 1 wooden board, 6 plastic figurines and 20 challenge cards with solutions on the back. Game rules in 10 languages.
Age : 4·6
Width pack : 21,5 cm
Height pack : 21,5 cm
Depth pack : 6 cm

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